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Established in 2018 Ibn-E-Kausar Law Associates is proud to provide a comprehensive range of Legal services to cover all industries with our best professional Advocates and legal consultants based at Karachi and having sub-offices across the country. We pride ourselves in offering a highly professional, cost-effective, reliable Law services.

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Over the years of legal practice has increasingly focused on Customs, Intellectual Property, Income Tax & Criminal make us unique

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Featured Law Services

Customs Law

By combining our first class legal customs expertise with deep sector knowledge, we have become known for our refreshingly creative thinking helping clients achieve their commercial goals. We have direct inroads into all levels of government and we have a wide network of offices across the country.


As country’s tax law becomes increasingly complex, businesses and individuals need specialist tax lawyers able to identify the risks and opportunities, and to help them ensure compliance. Our tax lawyers have comprehensive knowledge of Pakistan tax law, and deep sector insight, providing the highest level of legal advice to our clients.

Intellectual Property Law

Our expertise helps you to protect your Intellectual Property portfolio and enforce your Intellectual Property rights worldwide. You’ll put your Intellectual Property in the safe hands of specialist lawyers who cut their teeth at the forefront of pioneering technology and in well known, Intellectual Property rich companies. So you’ll always have access to a team rich in real world experience and real industry insight.


Criminal Law

Ibn-E-Kausar Law Association dedicated team of criminal law has unrivalled experience in defending cases of gross negligence manslaughter, misconduct in a public office and historical sexual abuse. We work hard, leaving no stone unturned to establish the facts and gather supporting evidence to defend our clients cases.

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